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A Few Services You Can Expect from a Home Health Aide


A home health aide’s job is to improve the quality of life of their client. They provide services such as personal care, companionship care, light housekeeping, and many more. Some care providers even provide skilled nursing care services for those who are in need of a more specialized type of care. These services are offered by many care providers like us here at United Home Health Agency.

With that being said, here are a few services you can expect from services like our home health care in Burbank California:

  • Meal preparation.
    A balanced and healthy diet is very important, even more so for the elderly who are more prone to weight gain. A home health aide can help prepare healthy and balanced meals for their clients. This ensures they get all their essential vitamins and minerals that their body needs to function normally and remain healthy. We can help you find a home health aide in California to help you with your meals.
  • Transportation to social functions.
    Social isolation can have many negative effects on people, especially the elderly. You can expect a home health aide to help you get where your friends and family are, and even help you get to places where you can socialize.
  • Mobility assistance.
    The elderly, people with disabilities, and people suffering from an illness may feel that even getting out of bed can be difficult. A home health aide will assist you with walking, moving around, exercising, and many more.

Those were just three things you can expect from a home health aide. If you are looking for a home health aide to help care for your loved one, we can help you as a home health agency in California.

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