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Christmas Activities with Your Senior

Christmas Activities with Your Senior

At United Home Health Agency, Inc., we believe that joyful events such as Christmas should be enjoyable for everyone in the family. As your home health agency in California, we care to enhance your quality of life. Despite medical challenges, there are plenty of ideas you can do with your loved one. 

  • Playing Christmas Bingo
    Bingo games are popular and help your senior loved one practice short-term memory, listening skills, and speed. You may play with the family or with the senior’s friends in the community. You can also personalize the bingo cards to replace combinations with questions that would recall memories.
  • Making ornaments
    Making simple ornaments not only stirs creativity, but it also elicits joy from the output done by the senior. These can be small ornaments such as a tabletop or a Christmas sock. When seniors can see their work around the house, there is a sense of accomplishment being able to do so.
  • Going for volunteer events
    Your home health aide in California can assist in transportation should you go for volunteer activities. There is more to satisfaction than getting things for themselves, and being able to see that they are helping others and make a contribution in a society is a different sense of fulfillment.
  • Watching movies
    Everything else, entertainment can be one of the most comfortable and enjoying activities you can do with your senior. You may play their favorite movies and help recall the past’s bright memories, or you could also play Christmas classics. Our years of being a home health care in Burbank California have made us realized that just being with your loved one and enjoying the time together already means a lot.
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