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Debunking Three Home Health Care Myths


If you engage in home health care in Burbank, California, you will realize that what you have thought about home health care is wrong. But to make things clear, allow us to debunk three home health care myths.

Here are three myths about home health care:

  1. Home health care is only for the ill.
    Although it is true that most of our clients are considered ill, it still does not mean that we only cater to ill individuals. In fact, we have already handled numerous clients who are independent and are capable of living on their own but who sometimes need assistance in some daily house chores.
  2. It’s too expensive.
    Actually, the cost of home health care depends upon the number of visits you require every week or month, the amount of time needed, and other factors. If you compare the cost of living in an assisted living facility or nursing center, having home health care is actually cheaper. To learn more about the expenses, you can contact any provider of home health aide in California.
  3. No choice over providers.
    It’s not true. Yes, you want to make sure that the people surrounding you have good personalities. When you sign up for the services of a home health agency in California, you will have control of choosing who will come to your house.

At United Home Health Agency, Inc., we make sure that we provide our clients the best care they could possibly receive—may it be through physical, speech, or occupational therapy or assistance with activities of daily living. With us, you can guarantee we will enhance your quality of life.

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