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Different Therapies for Hypernasality

Different Therapies for Hypernasality

When there is too much air escaping through the nose while talking, hypernasality occurs. This makes speaking difficult and communication hard. Many factors are causing this condition, such as anatomical conditions or mislearning. As one of your preferred home health care in Burbank CaliforniaUnited Home Health Agency, Inc. provides speech therapy programs to aid better communication with your loved one.
A comprehensive screening starts this process. To identify the appropriate speech therapy program or if medical intervention is needed, the speech production from the nasal, oral, and velopharyngeal function is evaluated. This assessment can be done by a home health aide in California or with a collaborative team of relevant professionals.
Once screening and assessment are completed, the appropriate treatment begins. A hypernasality treatment is aimed to improve the patient’s resonance and articulation that supports functional oral communication. The most common treatment of which is surgical management. When the condition is caused by the failure of the soft palate to close against the back wall of the throat, surgical procedures to connect the velum can help close the gap. 
When surgical options are not applicable or not preferred, prosthetic management is another option. Prosthetics can be prescribed for the patient range from speech bulb, palatal obturator, palatal lift, and nasal obturator. Each device serves a specific purpose to support, occlude, or hold speech organs. 
Some conditions, such as inflammation and swelling, cause hypernasality. Pharmacologic management includes medications to address allergies and irritants in the nasal cavity. Medications can be in forms of nasal spray or oral medication.
Talk to a home health agency in California to know more about hypernasality and speech therapy programs.

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