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Elder Care: How to Address Senior Resistance

Elder Care: How to Address Senior Resistance

One of the toughest challenges caregivers and families face when caring for an elderly is their resistance to care. But how will you help them understand their need for care? What’s the best way to approach them? Here are some valuable tips from United Home Health Agency, Inc.

  • Determine the help they need. Honestly, assess your loved one’s needs and which services might work best. You can consult a home care agency in California for assistance.
  • Pick a time where both of you are calm. This will make the explanation easier because you and your loved one are relaxed and are willing to listen to each other.
  • Understand their preferences. Do they have their own preferences about which family member or what type of service provider they need? A home health care in Burbank California, perhaps? Although your preferences may not meet your loved one’s preferences, it’s important that you take them into consideration.

If they still can’t understand you, here are some additional strategies that you might want to consider.

  • Suggest a trial run
    Don’t ask them to decide immediately, instead suggest a trial run. It will give them a chance to test the waters and experience the benefits of assistance.
  • Describe care in positively
    Use positive words in referring to the care they need. For example, you can talk about home health aide in California as a friend.
  • Explain your needs
    Sometimes, seniors only need a little bit of explaining. Tell them that you both will need to compromise on certain issues.
  • Address cost
    If your senior loved one is worried about the cost, you might want to tell him or her that their care is covered by insurance. Medicaid or Medicare, for instance.
  • Choose when to fight
    Avoid arguing with them, especially when it is related to their care.

However, these tips and strategies may not be effective for some seniors, especially those with dementia. Just don’t give up! Keep trying. We are here to help.

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