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Home Health Care: It’s Not a Babysitting Job


Some seniors often reject the idea of getting in-home care, even when they are living with a severe condition, just because they think it is a form of babysitting. There is always the idea of caregiving as a way for them to no longer be independent in their own home. However, we, a provider of home health care in Burbank California, would like to tell you otherwise.

Rather than see you as a child to take care of, our home health agency in California see you as a companion – a friend or a dear family member that needs assistance. The services we provide were made to promote your health and wellness without compromising your independence and dignity in any way. We create care plans to meet your needs and in line them with your physician’s orders.

Do you only require our assistance for a certain period of time? That’s okay!

The time our healthcare professionals render care is flexible. If you need our skilled nurses to monitor your condition at certain times of the day or certain times of the week, they can comply. Rest assured, when we provide care, it is always in your and your family member’s best interest.

Does your condition require you to be closely monitored? You can always avail of our home health aide services, round-the-clock or at certain shifts. Our home health aide in California will make sure you get the assistance you need to recover from your injury or improve your quality of life. We at United Home Health Agency, Inc. see you as a loved one in need of compassionate and reliable care to keep you happy and satisfied.

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