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Speech Therapy: What Can It Offer?

Speech Therapy: What Can It Offer?

Speech therapy is a therapy program intended to help individuals with speech and language disorders and swallowing problems. Various home health agencies offer this kind of service. But the question is, what can it give? How will it benefit you?

As mentioned, speech therapy is intended for those who have a difficulty with language and speech. However, to give you a further idea, United Home Health Agency, Inc., a home health agency in California, has listed three benefits of speech therapy, and these include:

  • Strengthens your vocal chords
    Like many other parts of our body that naturally decline, our vocal chords’ elasticity also decreases, making communication more difficult. Through specialized programs under speech therapy like vocal exercises, you can strengthen your vocal chords and improve the quality of communication.
  • Improves the ability to swallow
    Swallowing is another consequence of age-weakened muscles. When swallowing becomes hard, your chances of choking on food increases. Speech therapy strengthens your vocal cords, larynx, and jaw muscles, which can improve your swallowing reflexes and increase comfort and safety during meals.
  • Treats aphasia and apraxia
    Aphasia and apraxia are stroke-related disorders. Aphasia is the inability to express thought using appropriate words while apraxia is the inability to move the lips to form words. For patients with aphasia, long-term speech therapy can help you to focus and find the correct word. Speech therapy for patients with apraxia will involve repetition of specific sounds before turning the sounds into words. Many home health aide in California highly recommend speech therapy to individuals with the condition.

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