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The Role of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

The Role of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Occupational therapy is a method to help individuals have independent and productive lives. While it is useful for those of any age, occupational therapy is known to especially benefit seniors who feel as if they are no longer capable of meeting their day-to-day challenges, either physically or mentally.

As you age, certain conditions like arthritis and diabetes can make activities of daily living hard to perform. Thus, as your home health agency in California, it is one of our goals to help seniors learn to move and function and overcome physical challenges despite the diminished range of motion through therapeutic treatment.

Below are some ways occupational therapy can help seniors’ aging process:

  • It helps overcome challenges
    Therapists will work on specific strategies to help seniors perform the things they usually do, either by encouraging them to overcome these limitations or by finding alternatives.
  • It helps modify your home
    Therapists’ recommendation to improve your home can help enhance functionality and enhances the safety of the overall environment.
  • It improves mental well-being
    Occupational therapy does not circle around only on improving your physical health. It can also help you in managing stress or anxiety by incorporating relaxation exercises and techniques into seniors’ routine.
  • It promotes independence
    Therapists from your home health care in Burbank California, are instructed to not only improve quality of life for a short period of time but for a lifetime which starts with taking into account what challenges seniors’ wish to overcome day-in and day-out.

United Home Health Agency, Inc. has an organized system of communication. Our OT’s provides direct information to our team, informing them of the changes in a patient’s behavior or specific needs.

From there, our home health aide in California will reinforce prescribed techniques and strategies designed to help seniors meet their goals and maintain independence. How does it sound? Contact us today to discover all of the services we provide.

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