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Uncommon Ways to Boost Seniors’ Brain-Health

Uncommon Ways to Boost Seniors’ Brain-Health

Keeping our mind and body healthy while aging is essential. Despite maintaining a mentally sharp mind, seniors are still at risk of developing neurological and mental health disorders, like dementia and depression. However, by taking proactive ways to keep their brain healthy, they can possibly reduce their risk of developing such mental problems. Aside from having regular physical activity and a healthy diet, here’s what seniors should do:

  • Learn something new
    Having a new hobby or skill can enhance seniors cognitive functioning and sense of wellbeing. For example, learning a new language, which requires listening and internalizing new sounds, stimulates the brain. If seniors cultivate a new hobby, they can keep their mind active and learning. You can ask your home health agency in California to know what skills are desirable for seniors to learn.
  • Find time to socialize
    Seniors engaged in social activities and have stimulating conversations are less likely to develop both depression and dementia. Keeping a connection with others is an effective way to keep the elderly’s spirits high and mind busy and occupied.
  • Manage stress properly
    Chronic stress can endanger the mind and body, especially for an aging individual. Although it’s somehow impossible to eliminate stress, it is still necessary for seniors to find time to relax and reflect, every day. Whether through meditation, exercise, spending time with a home health aide in California, or treating seniors to a spa session, taking steps to reduce stress will surely help avoid depression and other mental health concerns such as anxiety or substance abuse.
  • Know where to seek help
    Be familiar with the signs and symptoms of depression among seniors. If you have observed any signs or symptoms in your senior loved one, seek professional guidance from a home health care in Burbank California immediately.

United Home Health Agency, Inc. offers personalized care plans for individuals with dementia-related health conditions. We also provide practical and emotional support for families.

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