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Ways to Increase Bone Density

Ways to Increase Bone Density

Osteoporosis is a common disease that weakens the bones to the point where they break easily. Usually, it affects seniors’ bones in the hip, backbone (spine), and wrist. Increasing your bone density is one way to avoid osteoporosis or other bone-related illnesses. Here are simple ways to do that:

  • First, commit to that regular exercise to build the back extensor muscles.
    You can consult physical therapists from home health care in Burbank California. They will help you design the right set of exercise for your bone health.
  • Second, practice proper posture.
    Practicing proper posture is an exercise itself. It keeps your spinal cord straight. So, stand tall, shoulders back, but keep it relaxed and imagine you are showing off your sumptuous necklace.
  • Third, train with weights.
    A simple routine of an upper arm exercise with light hand weights is an excellent start for seniors to engage in increasing their bone density. Working with a home health aide in California who can adjust and monitor your progress is also very helpful. Moreover, walking with a weighted vest is an efficient way to build muscle and bone. Yoga and Pilates, on the other hand, promotes proper posture and movement that strengthen the spines.
  • Lastly, seek advice from professional therapists of United Home Health Agency, Inc.
    It has always been an excellent idea especially if you have a fracture or a special health condition.

Your home health agency in California surely knows that following the four simple ways to increase bone mass aren’t the only steps to take. You should also take into consideration other steps like making healthy food choices, supplementing your diet, quit smoking, and spending some more time under the sun.

Osteoporosis is a silent killer, you and your senior loved one, as early as now should know and practice simple ways or steps to make your bones healthy.

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